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Sorry. . .

Dear Readers,

Currently I am sending out over 8000 emails of the blog a month. That is technically over the 200 emails per month that our website plan allows. They apparently changed their business model in February but did not share that with me. To make a long story short, they will allow us a grace period till the end of 2023 without any additional cost. However next year our fees to send this many emails will increase.

I have heard that many of you are not getting your emails every day. Even though I spoke to a real live person, I suspect there is some built- in algorithm that cuts off email usage at some point in time, based on our fee plan, even though the “person” denied that this would happen. My apologies if you are NOT getting regular emails. The only thing I can tell you to do now if a couple days have gone by and you haven’t received an email, is to go to our website and click on the “blog” button and they will all posted there. Hopefully this will get straigtened out. Donna


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