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History Center Exhibits

Dunseth Doll Collection

Elizabeth Dunseth on her death, asked that her doll collection remain in Lawrenceville, to educate and inspire children about the world’s history and cultures. 342 dolls arrived in boxes at the History Center and the curators began their work of accessioning, cleaning, and researching the dolls’ significance and history. Each doll told a story, of an era, a culture, or a well-known personality. A dozen or so dolls, were given to Dunseth, when she was a little girl, by her aunt. These date as far back as the Civil War. Dunseth, herself, collected national costume dolls on her travels around the world with her husband in the 1940s and 1950s. There are also custom-made dolls representing the presidents and their first ladies.

For the 2018 Christmas Season an all new holiday-themed doll exhibit through-out the building was created to delight not only doll lovers, but also history lovers as well.

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Home Town Teams Exhibit

In the Fall of 2017, just in time for Lawrence’s County’s Homecoming celebrations, a new exhibit opened at the Lawrence County History Center. Titled “Home Town Teams”, the exhibit highlighted athletic accomplishments from all the high schools in the county.  Letter jackets and sweaters were positioned around the room and newspaper clippings and photographs lined the walls.  Two cases held trophies, some of which dated back to the early part of the 20th century.

Civil War Exhibit

  Spring of 2013 brought with it a new exhibit for the Museum.  Nancy and John King designed all new dsplays centered around the county's role in the Civil War.  Dennis Bridwell loaned a Union uniform, and Pam Warren dressed two of the mannequins in Civil War Era dresses.  Photographs of county soldiers almost cover one wall. Three displays show the contributions made by the Black soldiers from the county.

Bridgeport Exhibit

In the Fall of 2011 Sanford fire maps depicting Bridgeport in 1913, were enlarged and placed on the corridor wall leading to the rear of the History Center.  Advertisements from the various businesses were located and placed adjacent to their location.  Photographs of downtown scenes, churches and schools were all added. Artifacts related to the era and Bridgeport were exhibited in a case next to the wall.

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