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Artifacts of Lawrence County





Th e definition of diploma is a document used by an educational institution testifying that the recipient has earned a degree or successfully completed a course of study. A certificate is defined as a document certifying completion of certain requirements.  Over the years the museum has acquired several of both.  Generally they are large documents with fancy printing and usually a raised or gold embossed seal.  Whatever they are for, whether perfect attendance or graduation one can imagine the pride the recipients felt upon receiving them.  



A Varsity Letter is an award earned for participation in school activities. The award letter is usually made in the colors and initials representing the school that the recipient attends. Early awards were made of felt; later ones are constructed of chenille and felt.  The stitching style used for creating the chenille look is called a moss stitch while the outlining is called a chain stitch.  Chenille letters come in different font styles such as block or script style.  Additional designations are often added with metal pins or bars attached to the letter. Often non-athletic letters are embroidered with their award title such as Band or Academics. Sweaters and jackets were awarded to sports players with chenille letters attached.  These articles of clothing signified the status of sports players.  



We are honored and pleased that our local heroes have offered their military uniforms to the Society for safekeeping.


Quilts were originally utilitarian articles, used to provide warm covers for beds.  Made with scraps of material and often recycled clothes, they satisfied the need for women to make good use of resources on hand.  Using their imagination and ingenuity they produced, often times, heirloom pieces of art.


Well-dressed ladies in the past always wore hats. Etiquette articles written in the 1930’s-60’s suggested that it would be disgraceful to venture out of the house without one. Women’s hats of the period were a diverse collection of styles. Here are a few that are in the Society’s Collection. 





Trophies have marked victories since ancient times. The Lawrence County History Center has many vintage trophies in their collection. Traditionally, trophies were heavy, made with wood bases and metal figures. More modern ones are lighter in weight, and are now made with plastic figures on marble bases.  Sports trophies usually depict the event commemorated by having  a basketball or a track runner included on the trophy. 


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