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Weddings Through the Ages

Here come the Brides . . .

On Saturday March 15, 2014, the doors opened at Bridgeport United Methodist Church and almost 250 people filled the pews to see the Society’s Program: Wedding Memories Through the Ages. Chairman Nancy King and her committee consisting of Deborra Allen, Donna Burton, Jane Cunningham, Irene Jackman, and Holly Scherer, put on a show that was a combination of historical facts, wedding photos of local couples, and a runway production with over 30 beautiful models wearing vintage dresses. Bryce Waggoner and Susan Moore narrated the show. Kevin Borden handled the multi-media show.


Click on the photos to view slide shows.

About the Book:

The vintage wedding show-Wedding Memories Through the Ages- presented by the Lawrence County Historical Society in the spring of 2014 received a Certification of Excellence at the Illinois State Historical Society’s 2015 Annual Award luncheon, held in the Old State Capitol in Springfield. This award recognized a work of exemplary quality showing considerable creativity, serious scholarship and efficient utilization of resources. This book is a result of that wedding show and the research that went into its development, based on 200 years of wedding customs and bridal fashions. From decade to decade the book follows the styles with photographs and pertinent stories of the times. Although based on actual documentation from Lawrence County, Illinois, the story of this evolution of weddings is reflected around the country. From long-past brides, to would-be brides and those who just love fashion and history, this book will please one and all.  Click on the cover to the right to preview a few pages and order.


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