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New Exhibits Monday Night

When you attend the program with Jay Shidler Monday night October 24 at 7:00 pm at the History Center, plan on taking a few minutes to see our new displays. The Telephone Collection of Bill Hanson is not quite finished but we still want to show you this work in progress.

The Toys from the Attic exhibit is completed and has a new twist. By using your phone to scan a QR code you will be able to access the website with detailed descriptions of each toy on display. These toys belonged to George Akin of Billett (1913-1923) who at age three became afflicted with a leakage of the heart and died just six years later. The toys were purchased in the 1920s to keep George from rambunctious outside play and upon his death, placed in the attic where they stayed until they were donated to the Historical Society.

We asked the donor to preview the exhibit and this was her response: “The toy display was far more beautiful and artistic than I could have imagined it! It pleases me no end to have it as a rather permanent part of the museum. And what a lot of work you put into it!! Thank you for all you have done. It is a reminder of both the love and the grief experienced by one family so long ago.” Our thanks to the donor not only for the toys but also for her praise.

Our temporary exhibit of LHS basketball memorabilia specially designed for the program was created by Stephanie Hill. There will also be yearbooks for sale so you can do your Christmas shopping early.

Never fear, when we finish the Telephone Exhibit we will schedule an Open House for all of you who can't attend the Monday Night program but we hope to see as many of you there as possible.


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