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History Walk

Have you visited the History Walk at the Lawrenceville Park yet?  About a year ago some of the Historical Society members were talking about the signs at national and state parks.  One mentioned a story walk where the public library placed pages of children’s books in a city park to encourage parents to get outside with their children while at the same time also encouraging them to read to their children. 

The idea for a history walk took off from there, with the Lawrenceville Park being the perfect place to place the signs.  Instead of pages from a book, the developers decided to use vintage photos to explore some of the historical events that have occurred in Lawrence County.   The Rotary Club liked the idea and agreed to fund the project with the city of Lawrenceville agreeing to place and maintain the signs at the park. 

Then the search began to determine what events would be portrayed. The first six subjects were identified, photos found, and text written.  A local artist volunteered to design the signs. Finally last week they were “planted” at the park.  Please take a walk through the park (the signs are all located on paved walkways) and learn about our history.

The history posters inside the signs will be changed periodically but we won’t tell you when because one of the objectives of this project is for people to get out and use the park.  Get those steps in….You never know when the signs will change. 

We hope you learn something you didn’t know, or you are reminded of something to share with the younger generation or you are motivated to join the Historical Society to see what else we have planned for the community. 

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