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Become a Member in 2024

Who are we? The Lawrence County Illinois Historical Society's mission is to systematically collect and preserve the county’s historical materials. We are a group of volunteers engaged in the study of history, seeking to pursue the integrity of the past and committed to preserving it for our members, our readers and our community.

What do we do? We engage in research; we serve as stewards for the preservation of artifacts; we strive to assist others in providing answers to their questions about genealogy and local history; we create exhibits to engage our visitors; we offer programs to educate and entertain.

The blog’s purpose is to raise the reader’s expectation of local history. Our purpose not only reflects the time honored principles of historians everywhere but gives us direction to positively impact our local community by nurturing a feeling of pride in what Lawrence County residents have accomplished in the past.

How do we it? The support of the organization comes from dues, donations, and sale of books. We have no paid staff. We receive no tax money.

We work hard every day to earn your respect and trust. We’re here to do good things, and yet we’re always striving to do better. We want to improve, to grow, to help people understand and feel better about our community’s history, and what that says about who they are.

We know that as our world changes our challenges will be more complex. Our history has to be preserved, re-imagined, and created, simply, transparently, and on a truly meaningful scale. So we strive to make our corner of the world we all share a little better with everything we do. We need members and hope our efforts will inspire others to join us. You are what defines us.

So please join us this year and become a member. click here

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