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Flood of 1913

The Research Library has an entire room filled with obituaries of local people collected by Irene Black and Richard Palmer. A book of obituaries published in local papers from 1930-39 was compiled by the Genealogical Society in 1997.

Interesting bits of history are often contained in the older obituaries. For example, in the obituary of Mrs. Fanny Curry, the widow of the late Miles W. Curry, who owed and operated the lumber yard which became the Lawrenceville Lumber Co., a description of his burial was included. Miles had moved the family to Mississippi in the early 1900's where he died in 1913. The body was shipped to Vincennes and brought to Lawrenceville by boat, the high water having washed out the railroad track between Vincennes and Lawrenceville.

We invite genealogists to stop by the library Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-12am or call for an appointment to search our obituary collection.


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