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First School in St. Francisville

Sept 11, 1902 Lawrenceville Republican St Francisville: School began Monday with an enrollment of 141 pupils. .... The Catholic Sisters will open their school Sept 15. ...The physician (not named) reported 3 cases of typhoid fever. (Hopefully, this last sentence had nothing to do with the opening of school.)

(History of Edwards, Lawrence and Wabash, page 287) "About 1840 (Father) Decudra, a Catholic priest built a frame school house in which a free school was taught by two nuns. He subsequently sold it and a public school building was put up, which served its purpose until 1873 when the present one was erected."

In researching the school history of St. Francisville three early deeds were found which confirm this sequence of events although the dates vary somewhat.

Book D-1 page 507 January 14, 1843 Henry and Susannah Ramsey King transferred to Father Decundra Lot 99 in the town of St Francisville.

Book F pages 67-68 August 26, 1848 Francis Tugaws (sic) to the School Directors of Distict No 1, (T2N, R11W) to transfer lot #106 on the town Plat for the purpose of erecting a school house. (Witnessed by Wm. R. Jackman and G. F. Bigelow.)

Book 4-page 346 July 25, 1874 Wm and Rebecca Johnson of Wabash Co, to the school trustees lots 109 & 110 for $160.

(Isn't it nice when "history" agrees with primary evidence?)

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