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Some Effects of WWII on Lawrence County

January 2, 1945 Daily Record A Roosevelt spokesman called for the induction into service of able men between 18-26 who now have agricultural deferments. This call came because the US First Army in Europe had suffered heavy penalties in the German offensive. The government is also considering putting 4F's on a "work or fight" basis.

January 5, 1945 Daily Record: Prominent article on the front page urgently requested living quarters for servicemen and families stationed at George Field.

January 15, 1945 Daily Record a notice was printed stating that physical examinations of all those in the county with an agriculture deferment would be forthcoming. No information was given as to how many in the county this included.

The Lawrence County Nursing Association held a meeting in the Office of County Health, having headquarters in the Court House Basement to determine how to recruit high school graduates 18-35 to enroll in the Cadet Nurse program. These graduates would then be able to release more experienced nurses for military duty. It was noted that American casualties had reached 12,000 weekly. The Army at that time had an average 1 nurse to 22 patients, with some staffs as low as 1 nurse to 60 patients. Additional nursing staff was urgently needed.

Gasoline coupons were good for 4 gallons of gas. Fuel Oil coupons were good for 10 gallons. Shoe coupons were good for one pair and customers needed sugar stamps to purchase sugar.

Davis Tire and Battery Co., 1211 State St, Lawrenceville, were selling“Sheep-lined jackets” for $7.75 and work shirts for $1.58. Their ad also featured a sale on luggage. There was apparently a diaper shortage and mothers were warned to make do. (Just eactly how was a mother to "make do" . . . ???)


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