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Soldier Drowns in River

CRAIG, Mayo 1892?– 1914

Co M 14th US Infantry

Little is known about Mayo Craig's early life. His parents are unknown, although his obituary in the Sumner Press stated that he was raised in this area. A Vincennes, Indiana newspaper reported that "Mayo Craig from St Francisville had enlisted in the US Army in 1910."

After three years with the US Army, he was mustered out as a corporal and was said to be an expert rifleman. He re-enlisted for a second time in Co M 14 Infantry, Fort George Wright in Spokane, Washington but before he could complete his service, he drowned in the Spokane river at age 22.

On Sunday afternoon, July 12, 1914, Mayo and four companions were swimming near the beach when he shouted for help and sank from view near the center of the river. Spectators said they saw him rise five times as he was borne under the bridge. However, rescuers could not find him in the water. His body was finally retrieved downstream and efforts at resuscitation were commenced for two hours before he was pronounced dead.

The body was removed to the Post and prepared for shipment to St Francisville Illinois. The Spokane newspaper noted that his parents resided at Bicknell, Indiana but no names were given. Interment was in the Moffett Cemetery, Lukin Township, Lawrence County.

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