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Snow, Rabbits and Jay Leonard’s Mule

January 10, 1879 Rural Republican

Around and About by the Editor: Cold weather. Beautiful snow. Wild game is plentiful and cheap. Rabbits are two for 3 cents; Wild turkeys are selling at 5 cents per pound. Sleighs are numerous and of every conceivable style. The report that Menomen O’Donnell was frozen to death last Saturday night is now contradicted. The bell belonging to the old Presbyterian church in Lawrenceville has been sold to the Christian Church. The bell is an excellent one and has a clear sweet tone. (The next week's paper corrected that by saying it had just been loaned....) A place in the floor of the bridge across the Embarrass needs repairing. A mule of Jay Leonard’s came very near being crippled by getting his foot fastened in the hole in crossing the bridge, and it was with difficulty he was rescued.

The US Senate with its two senators from South Carolina, Butler and Hampton, each of whom lost a leg during their rebellious days reminds us of our own Circuit Court, when Judge J Harlan presided many years since. He ordered James Corrie, the acting sheriff to adjourn court, as the judge had only one eye, the sheriff had a wooden leg and the clerk, John C Reilley was sick.

Geo Huffman was not dangerously hurt by falling on the ice. Died: Mrs. A Sandiford on January 7 at the home of her son, Samuel Sandiford of rheumatism of the heart. Died: W McDaniel on Jan 5 1879; his death was sudden and he leaves a wife and two children.

Bond Township Gossip: “Calvin Smith is beat, with his new plug that he traded pa’s horse for. News is scarce at present in Bond the items having all frozen the past week. Daniel Hentz froze his feet last Friday while watching a cornfield for some wild turkeys. Charlottesville is increasing in population. Alexander Smith has located in town. Gabriel Smith Jr, occupies the Buckhorn tavern at present.”

Bridgeport Brevities: “Man’s inhumanity to rabbits makes Christmas dinners for many. A large number of chickens have frozen to death during the present extreme cold snap. We think the man who predicted 49 snows this winter can go to the head of the class. The Bridgeport Cornet Band hailed the new year with a number of songs at the hour of midnight. Wesley Upshaw, our town barber after getting in debt to all he could, skipped out last Monday, for parts unknown. Bridgeport is now without a barber. Gib Doty met with quite an accident on Friday while chopping wood; his axe striking a clothes line causing him to cut his foot very severely. The amount of game brought to this market and sold to the Warner Brothers, the popular merchants in town, has been immense. They will continue to buy wild turkeys until Jan 15th, quails, prairie chickens and pheasants until the first of Feb, ducks until the first of May at which time the law expires to kill game except rabbits which can be killed at any time.”

From Zion- Denison Township. “Snow 18 inches deep. Victor Gould was the happy receiver of a fine new year gift. It was a young Republican. This is the coldest snap known for several years. Water in some place froze while setting on the fire. Died: Uncle Johnny Denison, 81 years of age. He was buried in Denison graveyard. Bill Applen’s house caught fire and would have burnt down but for the timely appearance of Reuben Ard.

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