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Eddie (1860-1936) and Louella Waggoner Baker ( ?-1951) brought three of their five children their spouses and grandchildren together in August 1921 to have a photo taken. (Their first child was stillborn.)

Dora Baker (middle row, third lady from the left) married Chauncey Parker Brown (back row the tall man in the middle) and they had a son Osmond Brown (the little boy to the left of his father).

Anna Dell Baker (lady on the far right in middle row) married Elmer Thacker (man on the far-right, back row) and their children in 1921 were Chester and Lowell (the other two boys in the back row). Louella (seated) is holding Anna and Elmer’s daughter Mildred.

David Baker does not appear to be in the photo, but his wife June Loos is the first lady in the middle row. Eddie (seated) is holding David and June’s son Harold.   Their daughter Lucille stands between her grandparents and their daughter Marie is the little girl in the far-right bottom row. 

Lena Baker (the lady second from the left in the middle row) married William Thacker (the man in the dark suit in the back row). Their son Melvin is the first little boy on the left of his grandpa. 

Then it was the grandchildren’s turn to be photographed alone. (I have added the married names of the little girls when they were grown so you might better recognize them.)

Front row: Marie Baker (Angle) and Melvin Thacker.

Middle row: Lucille Baker (Pauley), Harold Baker, Mildred Thacker (Fornshell) Lowell Thacker

Back row: Chester Thacker and Osmond Brown

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