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Samuel Kinkaid

Taken from 'The History of Edwards, Lawrence and Wabash Counties, Illinois' first published in 1883, page 301:

"Samuel Kincaid was a native of New Jersey, to which his father and mother came at an early day from Ireland. The former was there killed by Indians, and the mother and three of the children were led captive and taken West. Samuel escaped entirely, but the youngest of the children were dashed against a tree and killed. The mother was recovered from her captors at Kaskaskia by a French trader named Larchette, who afterwards married her. By the provisions of the treaty the three captive boys were set at liberty.

About 1760 Samuel in company with an Indian guide, passed the northern part of Lawrence County in search of his mother and brothers, and made his way to Kaskaskia, where he found the former. He served as a soldier in the army of the Revolution, was an Indian fighter, and always lived on the frontier. In 1819 he came to the County with three sons, Hugh, William and George. The first two settled in the extreme northeast corner of Lukin Township, and the last named in Allison. William was a Christian minister and was the first to preach in the old Spring Hill church. Their father died a short time after his arrival at the age of 87 years. He bore on his body the scars of five wounds received from the Indians."


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