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Bunyan Cup

Rural Republican August 8, 1884, reprinted from the Sumner Press:

David A. Watts, executor of the estate of Charlotte M Bach, deceased,  has completed the settlement of all matters pertaining to said estate except disposing of the silver tankard known as the “ Bunyan cup”.  This is a very valuable relic of great age, having been presented to John Bunyan while in Bedford jail in 1671.  The will of Mrs. Bach directs the executor to first offer this cup to the Baptist church and Mr. Watts will be compelled to visit some of the wealthy city congregations to enable him to sell it at anything near its value.”

Editor's note: Perhaps some Bach researchers will enlighten us on further details of this cup and how it given to a prisoner. I don't think our sheriff has the same policy of distributing silver tankards to his prisoners.

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