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More than You Wanted to Know about Pigeons



Lennis Thompson, local pigeon fancier, expressed two pair of White Show King pigeons to Salsburg, Austria, this week. The birds are of the extra heavy show variety that make good eating, according to the expert.


The Thompson Pigeon Farm at 920 Jefferson St. in Bridgeport, has eighteen varieties of birds. Five shed-lofts are used for the project which began some 40 years ago when he was a lad of eight. Lennis has developed many breeds of pigeons with exacting skill and attention.


Twenty years ago, he secured his first breed of White Show Kings. Crossbreeding and the addition of different strains have developed one of the best strains of large 32-ounce birds in the nation.


The many years of developing pigeons has brought Lennis many interesting facts. The pigeon mates and after a few days will remain so attached for life. Various breeds are housed in the same large area without any crossbreeding, he stated. Should pullets be added to the cage, the cock might cast envious glances and otherwise act up, but will return to his mate.


Some two years ago, Mr. Thompson exchanged some pigeons with Ellis Johnson. Recently when Mr. Johnson discontinued his pens, one rough and tough cock pigeon returned for the first time in the twenty-four month period. This bird returned to the same nest and fought to retain it.


During the summer, homing pigeons are taken in cages to distant places to be released. One such experiment found the bird back home in thirteen minutes from Hazleton, Indiana. The presence of hawks and hunters makes a return of such birds questionable, so the sport has become rather expensive.


When asked if he made any money from his breeding of the two hundred fifty birds, Mr. Thompson said it "buys the feed, gives me spending money and a little extra."


Mr. Thompson has served many years as superintendent of the Poultry Department of the Lawrence County Fair and is looking forward to the experience again on August 24 to 28.



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