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Lost in Lukin?

Have you ever been to Lukin? I mean REALLY been to Lukin? Why not take a trip this weekend and see the cemeteries LCHS has adopted and has been working to restore?

Bethel Cemetery is located west of St Francisville, Illinois, and 12.6 Miles (about 29 minutes) from Lawrenceville.

From Lawrenceville, travel south on Illinois Route 1 approximately 9.5 miles, turn right (west) on to county road 150 north (the St. Francisville turn off). Travel approximately 5.7 Miles to county road 600 east, also known as Bethel Road; turn left (south) at county road 600 east. Cemetery is located approximately .8 miles on the left (east side) at junction of county road 60 north also known as Moffet Lane. You can see it from the road but until you stop and get out and walk around, you won’t realize how many tiny white stones there are indicating the graves of infants.

Ridgley/White Cemetery is located south of Sumner, Illinois. (15.7 miles (about 41 minutes) from Lawrenceville.

From Lawrenceville travel west on Route 250 (State Street) approximately 9.5 Miles, turn left (south) on Christy Avenue at Sumner. Christy Avenue becomes the Sumner Road or county road 250. Travel approximately 5.2 miles to county road 500, turn right (west). Approximately .5 miles, turn left (south) at the first road, Ridgley Cemetery Road or county road 200 east. Travel approximately 500 feet, cemetery is located on the left. It’s fairly easy to find and well worth the trip

Denison Cemetery is located 10.1 Miles (about 23 minutes) from Lawrenceville, Illinois. From Bridgeport, travel approximately 4.7 miles, south on the blacktop/ Bridgeport Road. Cemetery on the left (east) side easily visible. It’s a work in progress but when you walk the grounds and see so many stones down and broken, you will be able to appreciate our project even more. (Technically this cemetery is in Denson Township.)

OK NOW FOR THE TWO HARDER CEMETERIES TO FIND, BUT YOU CAN’T SAY YOU HAVE BEEN TO LUKIN UNTIL YOU GET LOST TRYING TO FIND THESE TWO! (You can call John King if you get lost but don’t call his wife. I have wandered around with Nancy a couple of times lost ourselves.)

Wright Cemetery also known as the Gaddy/Gaddey Cemetery, is located South west of Sumner approximately 21.3 Miles (about 35 minutes) from Lawrenceville.

Take Rt 250 to Sumner. Take the Sumner Road south, about 8 miles, to County Rd 170N. Turn Right. Follow this road. It will take a slight turn to the left and change to 200N. Follow this road until County Road 000. Turn right. Go just a short distance to a lane on the right. Follow the lane to the cemetery. You will think you are on a private road through a field, but it will get you to a beautiful country cemetery….Be Brave… it’s graveled. (Marilyn Wagner denies this cemetery is hard to find. If you have trouble, tell her.)

Bell Cemetery is located south of Sumner 18.1 Miles (about 45 minutes) from Lawrenceville, Illinois.

From Lawrenceville, travel west on Illinois Route 250 approximately 9.6 Miles to Sumner turn right onto Christy Avenue. Christy Avenue turns into county road 250 east. Travel 7.7 miles on county road 250 east, turn right (west) on county road 300 north, at the Bethlehem Church. Travel .5 miles on county road 300 north past the Moore farm. Then turn left onto what you will swear is a private lane practically through a farmyard. The cows are friendly. Stay in the car and keep going until it makes a sharp turn to the right. Continue on down across a little bridge then up a hill about .5 miles, and the cemetery will be on your right. There is a beautiful lake with an eagle fishing sometimes. But that is on Private Property!! The cemetery is not. You are allowed to go there.

Moffett Cemetery is on our list and soon we hope to have Olive Branch as well. WE won’t confuse you with these directions but feel free to find them on your own. Here are a couple of general rules for visiting Lukin Township.

1. Take your passport.. . just kidding. Its not a foreign county.

2. The landscape is really beautiful. . . if you like fields of corn and beans, and I do.

3. Cell service can be spotty.

4. Don’t drive fast because there may be horses and buggies out in the Amish/Mennonite neighborhoods

5. Don’t wash your car first. There are a lot of gravel roads, if you know what I mean.

6. Take your own picnic. There's no fast food place.

7. Fill up the gas tank before you go. There's no service stations either.

8. Go to the bathroom before you leave home.

And I think that’s about it. Good luck. Have a nice trip.


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