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Lawrenceville Groundbreaking 1983

Photos and text from the Leader, a Golden Rule publication, published in August 1983.

“A new Golden Rule building is going up in downtown Lawrenceville. But it’s more than just a place to house Home Office employees. It’s a commitment to stay in the Illinois town where Golden Rule Insurance was founded more than 40 years ago.

“The site of the new building is on the corner of 10th and Jefferson Streets, directly behind the collection of office buildings which presently house the Home Office. The property had previously been a parking lot for company cars, visiting Indianapolis employees and executives.

“In his presentation at the groundbreaking ceremonies, July 19, 1983 Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer J Patrick Rooney stated that the construction of the new office building will provide much needed space and alleviate some of the crowding which has occurred due to the company’s recent growth.

“A collateral effect will be to stop any rumors that Golden Rule is planning to move out of Lawrenceville. The construction of this building certainly ought to resolve the rumors issue,” Pat said. There are over 600 people working at Golden Rule in Lawrenceville. We expect this number to increase somewhat with the construction of this new building. It is an indication that Golden Rule will stay. We’re putting a fair amount of money into this building and we wouldn’t do that if we were going to leave and wash it down the drain.”. Those who observed the groundbreaking ceremony included Lawrenceville Mayor Gerald Harper and Golden Rule executives John M Whelan and Richard J Ruppel.

“The new building, costing about $600,000, will have a basement and two above ground stories. A conference room will be on the second floor. When completed, the new building will measure 600 x 90 feet. Construction work has already begun on what will be a steel and glass building. It is due to be finished by late October.”


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