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kicking like sin. . .

Political activity in the state proceeded at a slower pace in 1906 with candidates starting their weary rounds much earlier in the election year. However, the speeches were about the same.

Ex governor Richard Yates, candidate for the United States spoke in Lawrenceville on February 6, 1906. Mr. Yates came from Olney on the B&O RR arriving shortly after noon and had dinner at the Commercial Hotel. He began speaking at 1:30 and there were perhaps 400 to 500 in the Circuit Court room to hear him.  The Sumner Brass band had been employed and played for an hour before the speaking began.  The GAR post had been provided seats in the jury box and Dr Z D French introduced the speaker.

The Lawrence County News summarized his speech in a nutshell.  “Yates’ speech made an unbiased man think that Mr. Yates and his crowd are out of office with no pie to distribute and want to get in so bad they can taste it and are kicking like sin at the other fellows because they don’t step down and hand the platter over to Mr. Yates.”


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