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Jingle Bells and Scattered Humanity

January 21, 1881 The Western Sun

Russellville January 11, 1881

Four Teams Hitched to Sleighs Ran Away and Scattered Humanity for over 1 Mile along the Wabash.

The beautiful moonlight, and excellent sleighing weather Monday night, was taken advantage of by quite a large number of the young folks of this place, attending a revival meeting at Rising Sun church, 6 miles south of Russellville.

In returning, when within 3 miles of Russellville, the team driven by Mr. Alex Lagow became frightened and ran away. Mr. Lagow and wife, the only occupants, became frightened and jumped out, Mr. Lagow breaking his arm and Mrs. Lagow her collarbone.

After the occupants were out, the horses rushed on overtaking Mr. John Broyles, causing Mr. Broyles’ horses to run off, but after running about 100 yards the horses became loose from the sleigh, capsizing it at the same time, and spilling out the occupants.

Mr. Broyles’ horses got away from him and ran into the sleigh of Mr. Andy Bradberry, containing Mr. Bradberry and wife, and completely demolishing the sleigh, while running over Mr. Bradberry and his wife.

Mr. Lagow’s team came dashing along at breakneck speed, and also ran over Mr. Bradberry, tearing the flesh off of his legs and dislocating his shoulder, and bruising Mrs. Bradberry very seriously. After demolishing Mr. Bradberry’s rig, Mr Lagow's horses caused Bradberry's horses to run away also.

The teams flew down the road at a fearful rate, and overtook Mr. Wink Snapp and Miss Jesse Fyffe, in a single sleigh, frightening their horse so that he ran away, spilling the occupants out onto the snow. They did not receive very serious injuries, however. Dr. Ferguson was called, and dressed the wounds of the several victims, and at this time, all are doing well, and may soon recover. Another runaway accident such as this was never known in this country.

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