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Happy Valentines Day

These are just some of the valentines we have in our collection.

On Active Service with the American Expeditionary Force

To Mrs George Bach

Star Route, Sumner Illinois

Darling, I am sending this to remind you of a year ago next Wednesday the happiest day of my life and I hope to spend another happier day with you soon. When I can hold my darling sweet wife to my heart and know we are united for life with a love that has been tried by separation but which never would waver in the darkest hour and though the time may seem long yet before we are united, we can look forward to that happy day of reunion and know that nothing could separate our love. Although our lives may be separated for time you are dearer to me than ever before, so accept my deepest love and devotion to my only little sweetheart on this, our wedding day.

George (Pvt Geo Bach Co. E 32nd Engrs.)


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