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Bought in Vincennes

These two items were found in the Libby Ann Dunseth Collection. Whether they were hers, or belonged to an older member of her family, we don't know. The label inside the straw hat with the wide brim, silk flowers and feathers states that it was sold by R. M. Glass Millinery shop at 209 Main Street Vincennes, Indiana.

The first mention of the R. M. Glass shop was found in a Vincennes newspaper on November 16, 1885 advertising fancy feathers, plushes, velvets, silk ribbons and everything that's new and stylish for sale. No address was given at that time but Mr. Glass seemed to advertise his patterns, hats, bonnets, and millinery novelties quite regularly. In 1900, the shop moved to 15 Second Street, and in 1931, it moved to 209 Main Street into the office formerly kept by the postal telegraph office and the Singer Sewing Machine store.

The date of the hat would seem to be after 1931 based upon the address in the interior label. The embroidered purse has no label.

WE need help researching and dating all our textiles, but particularly our hats, since we now have 44 ladies hats!!! in our collection. You can see them all here

Anyone interested in helping us research our textile collection please contact (For the hats, just search on the internet until you find one like it or close to it, copy the description, photo and the date and send us the information.)

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