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Beware of HORSES

There are about 300 graves at Moffett Cemetery. Since this cemetery has been chosen as one the LCHS’s projects, stone cleaning has commenced and research of the “residents” lives has begun.

What are the odds of two separate ten- year old boys dying from being kicked by different horses and then being buried in the same cemetery?

George Christian Schonert was born near Bellmont, Illinois. November 17, 1890, the third son of George Henry and Helen J Carter Schonert. On Saturday evening August 24, 1901, little George who was then 10 years, 9 months and 6 days old, was kicked by a horse in the lower part of his stomach. He died that same evening. His obituary (printed in the Olney Daily Republican Register September 11, 1901), states that “he was an intelligent little boy who had no enemies. When his last moments came, he clasped his grandmother’s hands, called his grandfather’s name twice, turned his eyes upon his papa’s face and calmly gave himself to his maker.” Funeral services were held at Hopewell church; interment took place at Moffett Cemetery.

Harvey Samson Shipley was born August 1, 1898, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Shipley. In the spring of 1908, the family moved to Wabash County, and Harvey became a student at Monarch school. On Saturday October 31, 1908 he was kicked by a horse and sustained a fatal injury at the young age of ten years, two months, 30 days. His fellow students and teacher published an obituary and tribute to the young lad: “he held the highest love and respect of all for obedience, willingness and fidelity to duty”. “A precious one from us has gone, a voice we loved is still.But we shall meet in that beyond if it shall be our will.”

The photograph of the sign for Moffett Cemtery as shown on Find a Grave was taken in 2011.

The same sign on the right was taken in the spring of 2023. Remember this when you look at the tombstone photos on Find a Grave. We all looked better twelve years ago. We still need contributions to restore the broken and fallen stones, and volunteer labor to clean off the mold and lichen. Call 908-208-2372 or send checks to Lawrence County Historical Society, PO Box 435 Lawrenceville IL 62439.


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