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Advertising Disaster for Watchmaker

On December 5, 1918, D. Galbreath moved his family from Johnson City to Sumner having leased the D. D. Emerick home. He then advertised weekly in the Sumner Press that he had taken over the Jewelry Department at Dale & Sheridan’s Drug Store. He had had many years of experience as a watch repairer and his work was guaranteed. His advertisements kept getting larger and larger.

Then on February 27, 1919 the Sumner Press reported that the Dale and Sheridan store had been robbed.

“Tuesday night after midnight, someone broke into the Dale and Sheridan drugstore by breaking the glass in the front door and turning the Yale lock. Marshall Melrose discovered the robbery a short time after, while making his rounds and notified night operator Spitler at the B&O RR but the robber had flown. Mr. Sheridan was also notified and he and William Dunphy came downtown and nailed up the broken door. D. Galbreath has his jewelry repair shop in the front of the drugstore and here is where the booty was mainly taken from, there being missing some cheap watches, some finger rings, safety razors and other minor articles.”

D Galbreath’s ads were very small afterwards. By July, D Galbreath was no longer living in Sumner and Hall, the Jeweler had taken over the jewelry business at Dale and Sheridan’s.

Editor's note: The Sumner Press' report that "cheap watches " were stolen probably didn't help his business. . .


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