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A Long Way from Home

Daily Record December 20, 1990

 Navy Airman Douglas K Schultz son of Charles L and Delois M Schultz, 1209 10th Lawrenceville recently deployed to the Antarctic as part of Deep Freeze ’91 while serving with the Antarctic Development Squadron- Six, Naval Air Station, Point Mugu California.  The squadron’s function is to provide logistical support to the National Science Foundation in their studies of Antarctica.  Schultz will assist with the transport of personnel, fuel and equipment from Christ Church New Zealand to McMurdo Station Antarctica. He was a 1987 graduate of Lawrenceville High School.



Sumner Press October 30, 1958 1/Lt Robert McCoy in Operation Deep Freeze

The 52nd Troop Carrier Squadron of Donaldson A F B of Greenville, S C was assigned to Deep Freeze IV at the Antarctic from Sept 10th through Dec 1 their home base will be at Christ Church New Zealand. Taking part in the operation is 1/LT Robert G McCoy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Basil McCoy of Sumner.  Lt McCoy had spent the past three weeks at McMurdo Sound in the Antarctic when he and his squadron commander, Col C J Ellen, made the first air drop of the year over the South Pole.  Adm Dufect of the Navy, who oversees the operation accompanied them.  Due to bad weather, they climbed to an altitude of 19,000 feet over the Beard More Glacier.

The 52nd Squadron will air drop over 1000 tons of supplies and fuel over the South Pole then return to their base in New Zealand as the ice runways begin to melt around December 2st.   All drops are scheduled to be completed by the first of December and the crew should be back at Donaldson by the 15 of December. McCoy will have 2000 hours of pilot time when he returns to the states. 


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