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1889 February Happenings

February 1888 News Gleaned from Rural Republican

Chas. Parkinson, merchant St. Francisville, carried the best thread on the market-- Clark 0.N.T. Will Moore, St. Francisville sold his interest in the firm to his brother, M. l. Moore, and moved to Vincennes. Albert Tougaw killed a large bald eagle; it measured 7 ½ feet from tip to tip, and was sold at Vincennes for $3.50. (Ed. Note: Relax Game Warden: This happened in 1889 and the Statute of Limitations has already run. And besides the perpetrator is dead.) Mrs. Callie Traylor was appointed postmistress at St. Francisville after her husband Jesse Traylor died. Two weeks later Charley Parker was appointed when she resigned, making him the fourth postmaster for the village in four months. Died: James Musgrave died Jan 29 in Vincennes. There are 9 criminal cases, 41 common law and 69 chancery cases on the docket for Lawrence County Court.

Married S. L. McPherson to Sarah J. Kirkwood. J. M. Hamilton is editor of the Sumner Press. B. F. Trester, Jr., the contractor for the courthouse will commence work in March. Iron work for courthouse contract let to Excelsior Roofing Co. of Aurora, Ind; the slate work to the Witt Corntee Co. of Cincinnati, and the cut stone work to the Salem Lime and Stone Co. of Louisville, Ky. All the frames are made but the entrance door frame and one window frame. Arrangements for lime, cement, etc. to commence by first of March. Mr. Glover was owner of Lawrenceville stave factory. Mrs. Lydia Graham, 35, wife of Wm. Graham of Denison, died and was buried in Bethlehem (Bethel) Cemetery.

Willis Synder and wife had a baby girl. Michael O’Rourke received (Civil War) pension. Frank McKee, 44, of St. Francisville, a veteran, died of winter fever and was buried at Catholic cemetery. Veteran James Allender at Soldiers Home at Quincy Ill. Large gray wolf seen on Allison Prairie. Free-for-all fight in billiard hall in which Grant Wilson, colored, undertook to carve up Charley Tanquary and Charley Kirkwood, two white boys. Wilson was charged with assault with a deadly weapon; acquitted and set free. Jesse White is tile ditcher in Pinkstaff. E. C. Crews is the owner of the biggest three- year- old horse in Allison Twp., measuring seventy inches perpendicular and ninety-six inches parallel. (Ed Note: Aren’t horses usually measured in “hands”?)

J. T. Akers, merchant, running store at Charlottesville bridge. Wm. Fowler of Allison will run a Huxter wagon.


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