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17 Violins. . .

The first Bridgeport Township High School orchestra was organized in 1916 and consisted of only fourteen members. The next fall the orchestra was not resumed. The following year, Professor Schifferstein of Vincennes re-organized and directed the orchestra until November of that year, when Mrs. J C Whittaker took charge. She continued for many years. While the orchestra of 1923 could boast having the largest membership, the year of 1927 almost surpassed them by having thirty- seven members. They practiced twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursday, from 3:15 -4:00.

Thirteen first and four second violins, five clarinets, five saxophones, four cornets, two trombones, a cello, drums and a piano made up the orchestra in 1927 at BTHS.

BTHS Orchestra 1927


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