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Wanna buy a Car?

Automobiles were big news in the County in the 1920's. If your neighbor purchased a new car, you would probably read about it in next week's paper. The Lawrence County News (Aug 3, 1921) stated that "Sam Ireland of Lower Dennison purchased a new Ford Touring Car and J.L. McCarty of Pleasant Ridge owned a new Baby Overland Touring Car. "

The Wabash Valley Motor Co. advertised in that same edition of the Lawrence County News: "Good Used Cars for Sale. 1919 Buick Touring Car, 1920 Buick Touring car, 1919 Buick Roadster, 1916 Buick Touring Car, 1919 Buick Coupe, 1918 Hudson Speedster, 1918 Hudson 7-passenger Phaeton, 1918 Maxwell Touring car, and 1920 Essex Touring car. All cars completely overhauled, repainted and put in first class condition. Will make price and terms to suit purchaser. Open nights and Sunday till noon. Phone 397-2. At rear of Hotel Lawrence. " No prices were given unfortunately.

However, in a later edition on August 10, 1921, the Johnson Auto Co of Lawrenceville advertised the sale of new Buicks. The 2 passenger Roadster was selling for $935. The 5 passenger Touring Car for $975, the 3 passenger Coupe for $1475 and the 5 passenger Sedan for $1659.

If anyone has any photos of their family members driving an early car in Lawrence County, please allow the Society to scan it for our collection.

Caption on Photo Reads "Ritchie, Cochran and Cunningham"

Mary Gray and June Berber

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