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The Prairie Farmer's Creed

This was published in the Lawrenceville Republican April 18, 1912

The Prairie Farmer's Creed

I believe in red clover, I believe in cow peas, I believe in soybeans, and above all I believe in alfalfa, queen of forage plants.

I believe in a permanent agriculture, a soil that shall grow richer rather than poorer from year-to-year.

I believe in hundred- bushel corn and in 50- bushel wheat, and I shall not be satisfied with anything less.

I believe that the only good weed is a dead weed, and that a clean farm is as important as a clean conscience.

I believe in the farm boy and in the farm girl, the farmer's best crops and the future's best hope.

I believe in the farm woman and will do all in my power to make her life easier and happier.

I believe in a country school that prepares for country life, and a country church that teaches its people to love deeply and live honorably.

I believe in community spirit, a pride in home and neighbors, and I will do my part to make my own community the best in the state.

I believe in better roads. I will use the road drag conscientiously whenever opportunity offers, and I will not 'soldier' when working out my road tax.

I believe in happiness, I believe in the power of a smile, and I will use mine on every possible occasion.

I believe in the farmer, I believe in farm life, I believe in the inspiration of the open country.

I am proud to be a farmer and I will try earnestly to be worthy of the name.

Ed Shrader 1945

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