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Old Julia's Surprise 1952

Lawrence County News June 26, 1952 "Old Julia Develops Some Young Ideas"

“There is interest and excitement in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood, Northwest of Lawrenceville, and some talk is going around.

"Old Julia has a baby colt, born Sunday. The interest in the foaling of the colt is that Old Julia, a polo pony belonging to Ed K Whitaker, is 21 years old and this is her first baby. Furthermore, Old Julia managed to keep her own secret in the manner, and even her owner didn't realize that she was about to drop a colt until a few weeks ago. Old Julia now has a past and she is saying nothing.

Whitaker has several riding horses and horseback parties are general entertainment among the young people of the Pleasant Ridge vicinity. Old Julia is the favorite of all of the horses and there is a scramble for her as the mount of the party.

She now has a different look out of her eye, and her human friends believe that they can detect a slight smile when they call her “Old” Julia. If there is such a thing as a horse laugh, Old Julia is giving it to the folks of Pleasant Ridge.”

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