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Suttle Employees

Photo taken May 1937 of the Suttle Employees

Seated in the front row:

Steve Newlin, Tom Arnold, Henry Rhinehart, Walt Vinsel, Roger Johnson, Leslie Plummer, Maurice Shaw, Jim Stone, Howard Ballard, Archie Griffin, Aaron Mills, 'Bus' Land, James Fisher, Palmer "Rip" Tewell, Ingvald Sandal, and Lawrence Hadley.

Second row:

Gail 'Footsie' Blair, Earl Woods, Bill Klar, Jim Weaver, Percy Ashbrook Jr., Donnie Doty, Harry Benefiel, Orval Cochran, Ed Fitzgibbon, Otis Herth, Ben Zehner, Harold Steffey, Virden Tracy, Ralph Brothers, George Merritt (head barely visible), and Shorty Waggoner.

Five men between second and third rows far right:

Herschel Lemeron, W. W. Gould, Oscar Fisher, Roy Paschal, and Casey Stangle.

Back Row as faces appear from left:

Bert Quackenbush, Wendell Van Gilder, Harry Glebe, Marvin Green, William C. Strehl, Ralph Davis, Lloyd Baughman, Virginia Lee, Irene Ridgely, Anne Wolfe, Gertrude Gould, Doris Dale, Cleo Ray, Pauline Zehner, Opal Jones, Dorothea Lawson, Edith Davis, Thelma Gray, Gwen Catterton, Alberta Claycomb, Maxine Caudle, Virginia Gutherie, Fern Borden, Marge Brown, Margaret Sharritt, Sacy Lewis, Katherine Stewart, Martha Lancaster, Mary Blood, Margaret Johnson, Alta Bridgeman, Harris Marie Hardacre, and 'Pete' Harper.


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