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Sumner Businesses 1902

Sumner in the 1900's was quite a booming metropolis.

Business Advertisers in the Sumner Press May 1, 1902:

· H F. Combs sold building materials, buggies, and farm implements.

· G.W. McNece and Co. also sold building material.

· Gochenour and Abernathy sold Dry Goods. Sunbonnets 25 cents, lace curtains $.50-2.50 Straw hats—5,10,15, and 25 cents, 2-3 lbs cans of tomatoes 25 cents, baking powder at 7 cents a pound, rolled oats - 3 lbs for 10 cents, roast coffee for 10 cents. (Marion May and Sons advertised coffee for 9 cents a lb.)

· E.H Carter offered a free gold or silver hat pin to every purchaser of millinery.

· B.F. Lent sold Crescent bicycles.

· M.J. Seed sold pianos.

· Marion May sold dress goods and clothing as well as groceries. They also bought clean wool from local farmers.

· H. Bunn sold dress Goods and clothing.

· T.H. Stevens Furniture sold funeral supplies (use of hearse was free with purchase of coffin.) As noted by the Sumner Mutual Burial Association, the cost of a funeral was: Casket $40, Robe $7, Livery Hire $4, Grave digging and lining $3, and Emergency Services $2. (Emergency services for a funeral was not defined…)

· J.W. Gines and T. J. Burns sold shoes.

· Brian and Couchman's warehouse on the south side of the B&O Railroad sold grain and seed.

· Latest styles in visiting or calling cards could be found at the Press Office.

· W. H Westall and Bro, bought local produce for sale in their establishment. They did not indicate what they were paying, but shoppers could purchase a 1-gallon can of apples for 20 cents, as well as pie peaches, blueberries and goose berries for nine cents. By the pound one would presume?


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