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St F's Drugstore

(Taken from an article written by George Abernathy for the Daily Record July 2, 1962, describing the St Francisville Drug Store.)

St Francisville’s first drugstore was established by Dr William A Lyons in 1888.  It was in a frame- building at the northeast corner of 7th and Main Streets.  Dr Lyons’ office was in the same building as the post office.

After the death of Dr Lyons in 1899 the store was operated by his widow, Mrs Lizzie A Lyons, with W Scott Cluxton as the pharmacist.  A brick building was erected in 1907, just east of the original and this building housed the drug store for over 40 years.

Mr Cluxton purchased the store from Mrs Lyons in 1902 and expanded it.  He became cashier of the First National Bank in 1911 and Orvile C Freshour was employed as the pharmacist and manager.  Mr Freshour established his own store at Lebanon Illinois in 1915 and Floyd E Couch succeeded him as manager.  Mr Cluxton resigned from the bank in 1921 and again managed the store until his death in 1931. 

The drug store was then purchased by Dr Victor M Brian and George A Abernathy who operated it as a partnership until Dr Brian’s death in 1945.  Imogine Brian managed the store during the war years (1942-1946).  George A Abernathy purchased Dr Brian’s interest and operated the store until his retirement in 1956. 

W S Cluxton and George A Abernathy were each associated with the drug store, either as an employee or owner for over 30 years.  The drug store was a popular meeting place for friends and a forum of public opinion for almost seventy years, becoming an institution in the life of St Francisville.

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