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Save the Date

April 14 2023.....History Center....7:00 pm

"Documenting and Restoring Our Heritage" by Marilyn Wagner, Nancy King and John Fish

Watch this blog for more information.

Our cemeteries are truly a county treasure just as they were over a century ago when this article appeared in the

Sumner Press, May1, 1902:

"Sand Ridge people have been very much exercised (sic) over the attempt of Portis Flower, who is the owner of land containing the old Pollard cemetery to clean up and put in cultivation the cemetery ground. An injunction was served on him to prevent his proposed work. The Pollard cemetery is one of the oldest in the county and contains a large number of graves.

Ed Note: Pollard Cemetery is indeed an old cemetery, but it is in Bond Township, not near Sand Ridge. Did the newspaper account actually mean Flowers Cemetery which has been described as south of May Chapel Church. If so in 1976, Irene Black noted that there were only three graves located there, Francis Flowers, Henry Fail, and Portis Flowers himself.

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