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"Safety First"

October 1915 In the photograph below, Ohio Oil's crew of carpenters and roustabouts are headed for the new gasoline plant being built at the G l Ryan No 2 lease. John Denton was general superintendent, gasoline division, and C H Tracy was foreman.

L to R: Harley Newell (driver, note right hand drive); Spot Umfleet (beside driver) unidentified man on running board; Harley Newell's brother (kneeling behind cab); man in cap leaning on stake body- unidentified; Burr Farr (wearing hat and leaning on stake body).

Remaining men standing L to Right: Bert Brown; H B Mahin; Sherman Anderson; C H Tracy; unidentified man wearing hat looking over cab; John Swenson; unidentified man looking over Swenson's head; stove pipe hat wearer unidentified; Frank Fetters; Harry Carter; Jim Smith; Bert Robinson; Charley Walker, wearing white glove; Roy L Huff; Lloyd E Huff (akimbo); Charley Andrews; unidentified man at extreme right.

Note the slogan on the front bumper. Who thinks this truck was overloaded and the men propably should be sitting down?

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