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Rooster Meets Minister

Page  6 of Lawrence County News, published in Lawrenceville, Illinois on Wednesday, February 20th, 1924


An industrious hen sat upon a nest of eggs so efficiently that she was rewarded with 12 children. Eleven were little girls and one was a little boy.  Soon the little boy grew large with a fine tail, a beautiful red comb, and a lusty voice.  The mother and all the little sisters were tremendously proud of brother and talked and thought about him a great deal.

Then one day the minister came unexpectedly to the house of the farmwife who cared for the entire chicken family.  Something had to be done to celebrate the occasion in a fitting manner. So, one of the boys in the farm family was dispatched to secure a chicken.

Perhaps the boy was not overly intelligent but at any rate he chose the remarkable brother to grace the table.  Reports are lacking as to how the minister enjoyed his meal, but the bereaved little family was filled with woe.  They wept and wept and wept.

But at length a more optimistic sister dried her tears somewhat and said between sobs.  “Well, anyway, mother, we can always console ourselves with the fact that he entered the ministry.”

“Yes” the mother answered tearfully, “and he would probably have never made a good layman.”

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