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Money Trees in Lukin

One of our researchers who reviewed the February 1924 local newspapers found several items about events one doesn't hear about happening in 2024.

  • Several men met last Wednesday afternoon and cut wood for the church at Olive Branch. 

  • Henry Harness is laid up for a few days due to a fall from the hay mow while feeding stock.

  • There were a lot of chickenpox cases in Billett. Dr Snyder of St Francisville was making house calls.

  • Charles and Helen Hahn of Lawrenceville Rt 6 are ill with the measles.

  • Mrs. Will Loos of lower Denison entertained the ladies’ class of Sand Barrens church with a quilting at her home.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fry, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jones, and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Jones assisted Mr. and Mrs. Harve Jones with their butchering.

  • Tickets for High school basketball games cost a lot less than they do now. In fact one LTHS student reported in the Lawrence County News that he appeared at one of the basketball games and presented a dollar bill to the ticket seller.  It called forth such a grand surprise that numerous questions were asked as to where it was secured. He took the opportunity to inform the doorkeeper that his father owned a farm in Lukin where the dollar bill is a crop commonly raised on trees. When the crop is mature it is picked and stored in barrels. The crispness of the bill was due to the opening of a new barrel.  So, there you have it…something we have suspected for a long time.  Money DID grow on trees in Lukin one hundred years ago.



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