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Ribley Ice Cream

In 1929 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ribley started their homemade ice cream business on 15th St. and by 1935 the demand for their product called for a new place of business. They built what was known as Dale's Winter Garden Cafe on Alternate Route 50 just west of Lawrenceville, where they continued to operate a successful business for several years.

In July, 1946, a new Ribley's Ice Cream Shop was opened in Lawrenceville by Voyle Ribley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ribley. He and his wife continued to produce all the ice cream formerly associated with Ribley ice cream products at their Porter Ave., Lexington intersection shop.

Then the Ribley family built their own place at the corner of 15th and Lexington. The shop was expected to open for business around 1st of May, when it would then be full of busy people, shiny new counters, stools, tables and chairs and delicious Ribley ice cream.

Ribley told a newspaper reporter that the lot just north of the building would be turned into a parking lot that could accommodate about 20 cars and the plan was for both drive-in and inside service to customers. Ice cream, of course, continued to be their main product but Ribley expected to expand the present sandwich service to include quick lunches, barbecue plates, salad and other light lunch items.



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