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Our New Book is Here!

There's still time to buy the newest Lawrence Lore publication for Holiday giving. Ladies of Lawrence is a book of stories about Lawrence County women.The 100 page book sells for $25.00 and features pioneer women, writers, reporters, entertainers, business owners, nurses, midwives, elected officials, community leaders, teachers, preachers, WACs, WAVEs amd Army nurses among many other interesting women having an impact on Lawrence County. Get your copy today!

You may purchase the book at:

  • Finishing Touch, 703 12th Street, on the Square, Lawrenceville, (618-943-3000)Tues - Friday 11-5 and Saturday 11-3

  • Lawrence County Historical Society's Research Library, 1100 Lexington Avenue Lawrenceville (618-943-3870) Wed and Friday mornings this week 9-12. The Research Library and the History Center will be closed from December 18-January 2.

  • Fry's Landscaping and Country Shop, 10750 Cypress Blvd, East of Lawrenceville, Tuesday and Friday 10-3 ( 618-943-5075)

Please note: No books will be mailed until after January 2.

(Ed Brumley copied the index pages on his Facebook page if you want to know everyone who is mentioned in the book.)

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