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Monument at Moffett

This monument at Moffett Cemetery in Lukin Township intrigued the researchers. A search in the Lawrence County News found an article about it in the June 5, 1930 edition.

"On Memorial Day in 1930 this monument was erected to the memory of Robert Andrews, born in Scotland 1760, pioneer immigrant to America in the 17th century with his wife Mary and three children.Two daughters later married Mackrill brothers and from the union of Catherine Andrews and Samuel Mackrill sprung the descendants present at the dedication. Through the efforts of Chas Andrews and Chas French, of Chicago, the Andrews Memorial Association was formed, descendants traced, and funds raised for the monument in Moffett Cemetery in Lukin Township erected to the memory of this ancestor who died in 1840.. . . (Descendants present were then listed.) . .

" Many other relatives, friends, and neighbors were present at this memorable occasion and after the dedication address, an enjoyable picnic dinner was served in the nearby grove."

The grove is gone now, but the stone still stands. It will be cleaned along with others at Moffett Cemetery and work will begin on restoring the stones. Just as in 1930 when funds were raised for the Andrews monument, we are raising funds to pay for the restoration work. There are over 300 graves at Moffett so if you are related to anyone there, or would just like to help with this project contact or call Donna Burton 908-208-2372 or Nancy King 618-240-2021 or Marilyn Wagner 618-310-6452.

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