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Lawrenceville and Vicinity News 1889

1886-90 Lawrence County Courthouse

January 1989 Gleaned from the Rural Republican

Grand jurors for February term 1889 Allison: William Warner and Levi Watts; Russell: James Heath and William Pettyjohn; Lawrence: Geo H. Robinson, John Swineheart and Harrison Hardacre; Denison: John Carmody, T Leighty and Paul Togaw; Bond A.T. Conrad and William Irwin; Bridgeport: William Grayson and John R Milburn; Lukin: Pallas Moore, Wm R Travis and Mart Brian; Christy: James H. Lett, Wm. Dunphy and Omar T. Jones; Petty: H. H. Gibney, C. H. Martin, and John Klinger.

159 marriage licenses issued during 1888 by County Clerk (10 more than in 1887); 256 births and 95 deaths reported.

In addition to regular monthly bills paid by the Board of Supervisors, bills were also paid to Dr. Walter Barr as physician to Bridgeport paupers, to J. L. Kitchen for shaving and cutting hair of prisoners, H. H. Corrie for feeding prisoners, W. A. Lyons as physician for Denison Twp, F. W. Weyl coffin and shroud for Mrs. Bates, Wm Fowler for one pair of shoes for Mrs. Brice, Samuel Ramsey for taking Mrs. Fitts to poor farm, T. M. Stevens coffins for John Young and for Scaggs, Institution for Deaf and Dumb expense in keeping Chas E. Shields, H.P. Smith as physician to Petty Twp, Millie Goins for washing prisoners’ clothes, Wm. Vanscyoc for digging grave for Scaggs, M. L. Ridgley for feeding paupers at poor farm, and his wife for doing sewing for paupers.

The Vincennes toll bridge was made free of toll Jan 1. Wm Tromley was enterprising merchant in Russellville. Dora Wardell, oldest daughter of B. Wardell of Birds, died of typhoid pneumonia. She was buried in the family cemetery near Pinkstaff church. Tom, Lon, and Mack Davis, John Nuttals, Wm. Clark and Lee Shumaker were arrested on charge of attempted murder. On Dec 22 they assaulted and shot Jack McGoon through the arm at Mt. Zion church in Bond township. Leander S. Highsmith, 64, of Bond Twp, died December 28 after illness of 10 days and was buried in the Charlottsville cemetery. John T. Akers, merchant of Dry Goods and Groceries located at the West Bros saw mill, or the Haunted Iron bridge, ½ mile south of Charlottsville. Isabel Johnson ,18, daughter of Paten Johnson, died of erysipelas (bacterial infection) and was buried at Howell cemetery.

Married: Joel Fields to Martha Wolfe; George B Elder to Hattie NcNeece, Renick Heath to Sarah Ford, Harry J. Gillum to Rosemond Bishop, Elehu Anderson to Louisa Pann, John H. Cannon to Dora M Snapp, Wm. O. Mickey to Mary E. Myers, W.V “Virt” Buchanan to Lou Stinger; F. S. Poland to Rachel J. Roderick

Born: Omer and Margaret A Dart of Denison Dec 2, a girl; John and Emma Shroyer of Denison Nov 15, a girl; Oscar and Samantha Foote of Lawrence Twp Jan 5, a boy; Jacob and Genetia Hite, of Allison Twp Dec 27, a boy; Daniel and Sarah Whittaker Oct 16, a boy; Squire and Susan A. Laws Dec 16, a girl; George W and Anna E, Griggs Dec 19, a girl; John W. and Francis E. Brothers Jan 8, a girl.

Deaths: Robert Davis of Russel Twp, 28 yrs. 4 mo.; Thomas Willis of Bond Twp., Nov 70 yrs; Peter Peron of Bond Twp Nov 27, 60 yrs., Deddia Ratcliff of Petty Twp, Dec 28, 27 yrs.; Mary A. Fitts of Lawrence, Jan 4, 17 yrs.; Francis E. Eaton of Petty, Oct 25, 34 yrs.; Ida Von Greenly of Petty, Dec 16, 7 months; Cynthia Lawrence of Lawrence; Dec 12; 42 yrs.; Jane Martin of Lawrence Nov 13, 83 yrs.; John G. Fritchey of Lawrence, Dec 16, 65 yrs.; Martin Tennison of Lawrence Dec 19, 43 yrs.; Lester L. Ford of Bond Dec 17, 2 months; Clara Barnett, wife of E. D. Barnett of St Francisville died Jan 16.

House of Frank Miller, Allison, burned from a fireplace spark on the carpet. T. M. Calvert’s store at Birds burglarized of four valises of notions and jewelry worth $100. Several new buildings are being erected in Lawrenceville. Counterfeit silver dollars have made their appearance. U S Marshal Weber arrived at Birds to take Tom Davis to Springfield on charge of selling liquor. David Heddon,60, of Plank Road, died of bleeding of the lungs and was buried in Russellville. Lewis Gowen sold his livery stable to James Philbert. Residence of Johnny Bird 2 miles east of Bird Station, caught fire and burned; loss $1000.

Jesse Traylor, 50, postmaster and druggist at St. Francisville, died Jan 19 of paralysis. His wife Callie succeeded her husband as postmistress. This resulted in trouble in St. Francisville. Dr. Chas. Frazer took charge when Mr. Traylor became ill. Another faction of the citizens got on their ear and said as the late postmaster had been a soldier and a member of the GAR so they wanted the widow to keep the job. This angered Dr. Frazer and he refused to attend to the office, and as the deputy under Mr. Traylor had only been in the office a short time, he could not discharge the duties to the satisfaction of the bondsmen who telegraphed the Washington D.C. Dept to send someone until the matter could be satisfactorily settled. The Dept. wired postmaster Robinson at Lawrenceville to send his deputy down there to take charge. He sent his son, Jimmy, down to assume the duties until the outcome of the squabble could be resolved.

The fox drive at Allison to be held Feb 16. The lines are east from Sunrise church to Latta School, south to Sand Ridge church, west to Derr School, north to Fowler’s store. The center is a 40- acre stubble field northeast of the Union school house. All persons objecting to the drivers passing over their farms please make objections known to D. L. Crossland. Gollyville extends from Pinkstaff church, north one-half mile where is located the post office and public square. In 1880 the population was small but in 1889 it had grown. (Ed: but not much)

Wm. Kensler and wife, Wm. Gillum and wife, Mrs. Emma Benson and Grandma Gillum and John Gillum had their photographs done by B. B. Gerhart on Jan 25, 1889. (Genealogists if you have this photo, you now have the date it was taken. Wouldn’t it have been nice if every one of our ancestors notified the papers when they had their picture taken…..)


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