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Lawrence County Memorial Hospital

“After several catastrophes had occurred in Lawrence County during the 1920s and early 1930s the importance and availability of a suitable local community hospital became recognized as a necessity.

After several years, definite steps were taken in 1935 to initiate a building program. Building plans were developed, found unsatisfactory and discarded. The Community Service Council, consisting of representatives of organizations over the county met with the Chamber of Commerce Committee in March 1943 and again on April 2, 1943 in an effort to coordinate their efforts. About this time the Lawrence County Medical Society approved a set of plans for a hospital, returning them to the Chamber meeting of January 3, 1944. The need for a permanent memorial for the soldiers of all wars was emphasized on the streets and in a Chamber Meeting April, 3, 1944, the fact was voiced by A J Faust, thus giving the name and slogan of the present structure its origin.

It was not until 1945 that a suitable plan to provide a community hospital was developed. On June 19th of that year the proposition for a county hospital was submitted to the voters by the County Board of Supervisors. The long-recognized need for a local hospital had finally gained county-wide recognition.

Lester W Routt of Vincennes received the contract for the architectural and engineering work on the hospital in 1948. The Snyder Construction Company of Vincennes was awarded the contract and construction was started March 24, 1949.

Soon after the start of plans for the erection of the Lawrence County Memorial Hospital the Board of Supervisors named a “Hospital Lay Committee” that has carried on since 1946 and today is known as the “Hospital Board” into whose hands the actual operation of the institution is entrusted.

The hospital was dedicated July 2, 1950, and received its first patient on July 5, 1950.

A program was held Sunday afternoon June 28, 1970 for the Hospital’s 20th anniversary so that all could pause to honor those men and women who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their Country, and for whom Lawrence County Memorial Hospital was named, to make the community aware of the progress of the hospital since their passing.

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