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Lawrence County 4-H

When Memorial 4-H Camp near Monticello was in session July 11-14, the following members of Lawrence County Clubs were in attendance.

The first row (left to right) are: Donald Stevenson, Art Sechrest, Nell Zehner, Carla Cessna, Norma Hardacre, Joyce Coffey, Shirley Conover, and Harold Stevenson.

Second row (left to right): Barbara Stevenson, Ellen Fitch, Karen Fitch, Bobby Read, Leone Green, Harlene Craig, Frances Able, Jean Able, Emma Cognat, Ann Mitchell and Jo Whittaker.

 Third row ( left to right): Harlie Legg, Assistant Youth Advisor Joe Faggetti, Farm Advisor Lyle Kerley, Clarence Brown, Ronald Crawford, Barbara Burgoon, Lawrence Cognat, Home Advisor Margaret Bunyan, Maxine Cummins, Tonya Roberts and Helen Barrett. Pat Swarens is missing from the picture.

(Ed Note: It is believed this article in the paper with accompanying photograph was taken in 1954.)

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