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He Saw a Way Out

Lawrence County News January 21, 1932  Loaf Of Bread Gets Willard In Trouble


Willard Shoulders attempted to follow the scriptural injunction to cast thy bread upon the waters and got himself in jail as a result of his well-meant efforts to relieve a distressed friend.


Tuesday, Shoulders appeared at the County jail with a loaf of bread which he requested Mrs. John Hipsher, wife of the Sheriff, to deliver to his friend Wiltse Adams, who is awaiting the action of the grand jury on a charge of robbery. Mrs. Hipsher had her suspicions aroused by the demeanor of Shoulders and cut the loaf in two, discovering three new hacksaw blades in the bread.


Shoulders was picked up by Deputy Sheriff Seed the same evening and placed in jail. A search of his clothing failed to reveal any weapons, but Wednesday morning another saw blade was found in his possession.


In the future all bread intended for the prisoners will be carefully examined before being turned over for final consumption.

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