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Family Reunions

If you are planning a family reunion in Lawrence County next year, let the Historical Society know how we can help. Do you need research, or directions to the family farm? Do you want to spend a couple of hours at the research library looking at photos, or doing research at the courthouse? Perhaps you would like a tour of your family cemetery or the location of the country school that your grandparents attended? You might even want to include a couple hours of work at your family’s cemetery. We can instruct you in the proper way to clean, and provide the tools and chemicals ($50 a gallon for D-2) to do it. Let us know how we can help by contacting us at

Here is some of the work John King prepared about the Mieure Family. They were connected with the property where the History Center and Parrott’s Real Estate and Auction are located on the Northwest corner of the Lawrenceville Square in the early 1800s. We can’t guarantee your family started a well-known hotel or that one of your ancestors died sitting by the chimney when a brick fell on his head but every family has a story to tell. And John King can find them!

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