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Estray but Religious

Sumner Press February 25, 1892

Some months ago a stray dog came to John Brian's and in spite of all opposition took up his abode. If one judges by appearances, he must have been raised by very religious people. Whenever Mr. B's family go to church the dog always follows. Nothing they can do will keep him away. When tied up, he manages to get loose; if put in the smokehouse, he digs his way out; and in spite of every effort made by Uncle Isaac Herrin, the janitor, the dog will slip into church as he does not mind in the least the clips which he gets from Uncle Isaac's cane. Once inside he feels very much at home. In attending every church service "His Dogship" sets an example worthy to be followed by all, as whenever the bell rings for meeting in the daytime, the dog will deliberately set out for church without waiting for the family.

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