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Eggs Twenty Cents a Dozen in 1883

Bridgeport News in the Rural Republican December 28, 1883

Several family reunions took place on Christmas. Only twenty-six Schmalhausen’s took dinner at Lew Schmalhausen but they were not all there.

Otie Smith is home from college spending the holidays.

Al Wolf, our tonsorial artist, has added another chair to his shop, and Henry Rose is to be the next barber.

Grandma Hensley was recently taken with a pain in one of her eyes, and now she has lost the sight of it.

A. J. Cooper, telegraph operator at Edgewood, spent Christmas with his father here.

George Emerick sold to W. C. Fyffe on Thursday of last week, 348 dozen eggs at 20 cents per dozen cash.

Mr. Charles Orr has obtained an agency and is selling tombstones for Mr. H. M. Wagner.

The Juvenile Cornet Band troupe showed to a full house last Saturday night and gave good satisfaction.

Cotswold and Shropshire sheep imported direct from England, Poland China hogs and the finest stable of horses in the county may be seen on the farm of J Edwin Black, two miles southwest of Bridgeport. Mr. Black had a good trade in sheep and said that his sales this season from his flock had reached near $900.

Allison News Rural Republican December 28, 1883

Christmas was observed here in the usual manner, and nothing extraordinary occurred. Our schools closed for the holidays.

Tom Johnson and Joe Hill joined clutches one day last week. Joe came off second best with a black eye.

A three- month- old child of High Miller became very peevish last week, and upon examination a needle was found in the thick part of the leg. It was extracted and the little fellow is getting along very well.

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