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Dog in Photo of County Officers 1905

In the summer of 1905, county officers and other courthouse personnel posed for this photograph.

(l to r) Standing: John Inmon, Courthouse Custodian; James H Highsmith, Circuit Clerk; John O. Smith, County Clerk; W E Dalrymple, Deputy Circuit Clerk; Peter J Carr, Sheriff;

Seated: David Hisher, Treasurer; John W McCleave, Deputy Treasurer; Elizabeth Vandament, Deputy County Clerk; Amos P Spencer, Superintendent of Schools; Jasper D Madding, County Judge. The young man in the front is John Inmon’s son, Raymond; and the collie belonged to Charles W Irwin.

State's Attorney T.H. Cunningham, Surveyor Clarence E. Buchanan and Coroner Anson T. Abell are not pictured.

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