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Deaths 100 Years Ago

Causes of death 100 years ago this month--Taken from Lawrence County Death Records February 1924

How many of these deaths could have been prevented with what medical professionals know now?

  • Verlin J Harshman -3 days -neonatal death

  • Daniel Anderew Phillips -9 days- Premature birth

  • Percy William Fowler -2 months old -Acute pharyngitis (sore throat)

  • Wanetta Mae Thomas -9 months -Whooping cough

  • Harold Dean Angle -1 year -Catarrhal Pneumonia

  • Kenneth Emery Rosborough- 9 years old - Typhoid fever

  • Lola Mae Philipps -23 years old -Pneumonia

  • Margaret Pearl Biehl- 39 years- Abscess right lung

  • Bess Tiffany- 44 years old -Cancer of the liver

  • George Gray - 54 years -Angina Pectoris (coronary heart disease)

  • Anabell Elizabeth McCloskey- 66 years old -Mitral regurgitation

  • Ellen Jeanette Smith- 66 years old -Cerebral Hemorrhage / Brights disease

  • Joe J Allison -67 years old -Angina Pectoris (coronary heart disease)

  • Ham Laughlin- 67 years old - Angina Pectoris (coronary heart disease)

  • Mary A Bunn -79 years -Asthma and General senility

  • Amanda Lawrence- 81 years- Senility


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