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Beauty Shots of Bethel

We just couldn't resist showing off some photos of Bethel Cemetery. All the stones are clean, and standing upright. Five years ago almost the little white ones had fallen over, or were buried under the sod. Others were so black they couldn't be read. This is what a little time and money and many hours of volunteer labor and professional help can do.

This season we have added Moffet Cemetery to our list. If you have connections with any of the names below or just want to help us restore this country cemetery please contact us to donate time or money. lawrencelore

Andrews,Brausa,Brothers, Carter, Chadwick, Cook, Corrie, Couch, Craig, Davis, Doersam, Dorsam, French, Geisler, Goslen, Gunzel, Hair, Hare, Harness, Holsen, Honeycutt, Hughes, Jamison, Keneipp/Kenipp, Markman, Marx, Neal, Osborne, Pickering, Prout, Reed, Ridgley, Ruark, Ruby, Schonert, Schrader, Shipley, Shrader, Turner, Vollmer, Weltz, Williamson, Wilson, Wise, Woodruff, Young


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